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Alimentatore Boston 9V smart pedal board PSU


solated power adapter noiseless power for analog & digital pedals, 2x 9V/ 750mA separate outputs

If you power multiple effects pedals with a single adapter, interference can occur. In particular, when feeding digital and analog pedals together using a single daisy chain, you may experience unwanted noise.
The Boston 1500-ADIP is actually two isolated adapters in one, with two separate transformers and two outputs. So with this compact and economical solution you can power both analog and digital pedals without noise.
Connect analog pedals to the one output and digital pedals to the other, using the two included daisy chains. The two 9v outputs can each deliver up to 750 mA; this allows the Boston 1500-ADIP to provide enough power for most small and mid-sized pedalboards.
– 1x output for analog pedals 9V/750mA
– 1x output for digital pedals 9V/750mA
– included are: 2 daisy chain cables with 3 and 5 outputs respectively
– the plugs are standard “center negative” and therefore suitable for most effect pedals

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